Sunday, November 6, 2011


Autoruns – This nifty program is brought to you by Microsoft. Autoruns shows you every program that runs in the foreground and background when you boot Windows. Very handy if you have a program you don’t want running at startup. I recently used it on a new Dell Laptop that is loaded with typical Dell bloatware. Since my laptop is company issued, I didn’t want to remove the bloatware but simply disable it. For those of you who don’t own a Dell, they don’t make it easy to disable their bloatware. Autoruns steps up to the plate here. Autoruns is a good security utility too because if for some reason you get a virus that loads a .dll or .exe or system file that you can’t seem to disable, Autoruns is a good place to start. Use this program with caution because you can really mess up your system if you get uncheck happy.
Ccleaner – Cleans your registry, temp files, cache, and has a program remover as well.
Revo Uninstaller – Uninstalls and completely removes unwanted programs. Very thorough.
JK Defrag – Excellent defragment utility. Light on system resources compared to the Windows defragger.
Tweak UI – Another great Microsoft product for tweaking your system. My favorite “tweaks” with this program are getting rid of the arrow on shortcuts and disabling balloon popups.

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